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The Competition

Autonomous Driving (AD) is the next frontier of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Intending to further research in AD, we invite you to participate in a competition organised by Huawei Technologies Ltd. in autonomous decision making.

Accelerate your future

There are two separate tracks in the competition. Track 1 is focused on single-agent multi-lane cruising, Track 2 is focused on multi-agent safe driving. Your goal is to design an autonomous algorithm that is capable of driving safely and efficiently across a variety of simulated maps containing numerous tasks, such as merging, intersections, high-ways, and many others. We offer such scenarios through a simulator that emulates real-world traffic at a variety of granularity levels.

Winners will be announced in a ceremony, where cash prize will be provided with the winner certificate. You will also get the chance to teach us all about your innovations in a spot-light talk during the event.

Let’s get these cars moving!

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Accelerate your future

Competition Timeline

The DAI 2020 SMARTS Competition of Autonomous Driving is a programming competition organised by Huawei Noah's Ark Lab. You pick your team to work together, and we pick a competition in the field of Artificial Intelligence for you to solve.

Are you up for the challenge?

The final rank of the winning teams will be determined by the Academic Committee based on the leaderboard scores from automated evaluation, the techinical merits of the solutions, and the quality of the technical presentation at the DAI conference.

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Cash prizes and winner certificates for our winners!


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The Terms & Conditions for the DAI Competition gather all rules that apply to the organisers and participants of the competition. You can find a summary of the most important ones below:

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About Noah’s Ark Lab

About Huawei

The Noah’s Ark Lab is the AI research center for Huawei Technologies, located in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai, Xi’an, London, Paris, Toronto, Montreal, Edmonton, etc.

The mission of the lab is to make significant contributions to both the company and society by innovating in artificial intelligence, data mining and related fields. Mainly driven by long term and big impact projects, research in the lab also tries to advance the state of the art in the fields as well as to harness the products and services of the company, at each stage of the innovation process.

As a world class research lab, we are pushing the frontier of research and development in all areas that we work in.We dare to address both the challenges and opportunities in this era of AI and big data, to revolutionize the ways in which people work and live, and the ways in which companies do business, through intelligentization of all processes, with the slogan 'from big data to deep knowledge'.

Research areas of the lab mainly include computer vision, natural language processing, search & recommendation, decision and reasoning ,AI theory. Founded in 2012, the lab has now grown to be a research organization with many significant achievements in both academia and industry. We welcome talented researchers and engineers to join us to realize their dreams.

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